Transformation Stories are surfacing which is great news!

It takes courage to share your story with others. It isn’t always an easy thing for most, but with some encouragement, we are starting to see some great stories.

This one in particular is a little bit of a Personal Story. This is what my Personal Training Programs did for this Woman.

51169434_369660727163517_5654618143637635072_n“So happy with my results!!!, thank you so much Sarah, I could never have done this without you” I went to see Sarah over a year ago in regards to the unevenness of my breasts, due to the type of work I do. Because of being right handed, my right chest and arm muscle where always being worked, leaving the left side week, and droopy. She worked with me to build strength not only in the left side, but through the whole core of my body. After only three months I could notice a change in the left side as well as a change in my whole well being. I slept better, had way more energy then I’ve ever had, and my body felt so much stronger. Sarah has introduced fitness into my life in such a fun, knowledgeable, and caring way, that its definitely here to stay!.

Kathi H.

I would highly recommend Sarah as a trainer. She is very professional and passionate in what she does and designs sessions to specifically meet my needs.  Sarah has also provided information for me (re: diet and exercises to do at home) and is always available if I have questions.


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