CONSULTATION CALL~ FREE 15 Minute Call to inquire about various program availability, packages, memberships and lifestyle coaching appointments. BOOK

12 WEEK CHALLENGE HOME CIRCUIT PROGRAM~ Home Circuit Program and Nutrition Support to help you balance your nutrition, eat proper portions of each food group per day based on your specific body type with meal prepping, planning and recipes so you can eat the foods that you enjoy while you still make progress! You shouldn’t live life deprived, You need to learn new habits that make lasting change successful and sustainable. You will receive a new workout program every 4 weeks. Book weekly check in appointments so we tackle your goals step by step. BOOK CONSULTATION CALL

LIVE AND ONLINE MEMBERSHIP~ Get Access to 8 Live workouts per week as we work through Cardio, Core and Strength Circuits. We also have weekly workshops discussing important Fitness and Nutrition Topics. SUBSCRIBE

COACHING APPOINTMENT/VIDEO CALL 20 Mins ~ How are you doing with your Health and Fitness Program? We will set goals and keep you accountable every step of the way to keep you progressing toward your results! BOOK

COACHING APPOINTMENT/VIDEO CALL 30 Mins~ Nutrition Goals, Exercise Program Assistance, Mindset Guidance, and other support necessary to keep you on track with your program and to make sure we are making proper changes to your Training Program to keep you progressing toward results! BOOK

LIFESTYLE COACHING APPOINTMENT/VIDEO CALL 60 Mins~ In Depth Personal Appointments to help you succeed in life! When there is just too much happening and you need someone to help you prioritize your goals and yourself. We will work on Lifestyle and Mindset Coaching, Time Management, Self Care, Stress Management, Meditation, Stretching, Nutrition Coaching and give you tools that you need to succeed and make amazing changes on the inside and out! BOOK

ONLINE PERSONALIZED TRAINING PROGRAMS ~ Join the New wave of Personal Training Programs. What does this involve? A Careful online fitness assessment and program creation based on your needs, your goals, your nutrition preference. Eat to Fuel your workouts and eat to recover. Put the proper Training Principals in place, with appropriate phases for each stage of Training so that you achieve your STRONGEST, FITTEST version of yourself! We’ll dig deep into your goals, progress every week, break down the barriers that have always gotten in your way!! Are you ready to finally COMMIT? BURN the fat? Get LEANER? Add some lovely curves to your body!! Did you know that STRONG is the new Look? Do you know how to shift your body composition? Let me show you. Let’s book a consultation and try this new approach to Personal Training that may even turn out to be even better for your busy schedule!! All Training Plans Are based on a 12 Week Commitment Plan. BOOK ASSESSMENT CALL

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