My Name is Sarah Rose. I am a Personal Training Specialist and a Certified Online Personal Trainer. I work out of my private in-home studio. I have additional Certifications in CPR & AED, Trigger Point Therapy Level 1, Active Aging Specialist and Practice Thai Yoga Stretch Therapy as one of my additional services.  I have a background as well in Dance, Baseball and Hockey.

My mission? To get YOU Moving! To build healthy habits and break the ones that are effecting your health and wellness. I devote my hours to improving your life, so you can change your future! When you take steps to improving your health, you change your life, and therefore you change your outcome!

With a Solid Online Personal Training Program, your movement patterns will be carefully assessed so we pick the proper program for you to start with. Consistency with a program like this, will get you results. Every week we progress your program so you stay challenged which then creates those results that everyone is looking for. With the On-Line and Live Membership you can also do group fitness and join our workshops right in the comfort of your own home. One of the most importance pieces of a program, the number 1 thing that will determine whether you push through and stick with it, the COACHING! That’s right! If you are scattered and unfocused mentally, doing the physical part of your journey might feel like a real struggle some days. So.. we have separate coaching appointments available as well to help you time manage, stay disciplined, and bust through those barriers that stopped you from getting results before. Bad Eating Habits? Let’s break them! Let’s balance your nutrition better so you can snack, and have those treats all while you eat healthy and get your workouts in! This is totally achievable! and We can do this together!!

But..you must commit! If you are ready to commit, if you are tired of feeling they way you are feeling, if you need motivation and a program that you understand…..this is the place to be!

Remember the best results are not from an overnight fix, you want the results to last you a lifetime! Let’s get you motivated and let’s get you moving!

Please feel free to connect with me on my contact page so we can talk a little more about you and your goals.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Sarah Rose

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